Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I think I was targeted last night.
I have no real proof, but in hindsight and taking into account all the e-mails received telling about the ways women are tricked into victimhood, I believe I was targeted. Unfortunately for the asshole or assholes ( don't want to leave any of them out), I am an unusually pissed off, black woman, when the air is deliberately let out of my tires because it appeared I was alone and the only car in the lot. Before Melissa and I got to my car some dude was approaching asking if I needed help, before the flat became apparent to me.
How the fuck did he know I needed help?
I know what I believe.
What would have happened if I were alone?
Would there be a news report of a missing goddess with a bad ass tattoo,
or some dude with his ass royally kicked
and the only reason I got caught was because
I had to wait for the cops to help me remove my foot from his ass?
I have had some bizarre shit happen to me in the last couple of weeks
  • My daughter was reunited with the father she's never know, who is also displaced by Katrina.

  • I was ripped off at a church. Instant get into heaven card. Can I get an AMEN?

  • Some idiot dude sits at a table with me (uninvited) where he tells me he is sure that I am to be the mother of his children, even though I explain in detail my hysterectomy and assure him that in this space and time men don't interest me in the least. I gave him someone's phone number to make him leave....hope it wasn't yours:-0

  • I almost experienced death by port a potty, a surely shitty way to go!

  • Then the air is mysteriously let out of my tire

I believe I shall plat lotto tomorrow and see what happens!

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