Friday, April 12, 2013

11/30 Lupercalia (part found poem in response to jacked You Tube comment,"It is VALENTINE'S DAY. It should not be VAGINA-DAY. Have your cause on another day!")

very ancient
pastoral festival
avert evil spirits
release health and fertility
februarius in the middle
god of sheperds
founding a temple
wear your goatskin nude
burn the mealscakes
ask Romulus ask Remus
purify new life in the spring
sacrifice two male goats and a dog
anoint your forehead
sacrificial blood
bloody knife
soaked in milk
cut thongs from skins of victims
run around the walls
strike those who crowd near
receive lashes
ensure fertility
prevent sterility
ease the pains of childbirth
be outlawed
be still clinging to Lupercalia
be degraded
run nude around yourself
carry out the mockery
be seven men shot down
be Al Capone
be Bugs Moran
be 14 bullets in body and not talking
be so disgusted
be sickened and running away
be dead three hours later
be in love with the idea
be looking for love in wrong places
and held in Lupercalia's arms
early for spring
but cleaned up and ready to mate
be flowers and roses
and sentiment in the moment
be an idiot
ignoring the sex in your sexy
or the blood in your celebration
look at all the red
muse it love
muse it giving freely
blood flowing freely
call it roses and dark
like chocolate
like blood from vagina
carry out the mockery

then take your two hands
place them over your gaping mouth
secure them firmly
and shut the fuck up

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