Monday, April 01, 2013

2/30 Miscommunication

those times I didn’t pay attention
my heart and mind wandering in different directions
I stumbled over the truth of you
the taste of you singed my tongue
I wanted more
my heart was all about this
pleasure is what it loves best
and pleasure is what she had designed for you
my mind thought you complicated
knew my simple ways
my cut and dry demeanor
it knows how easily my feelings get hurt
and how while I can speak about the injustices in the world
I am slow to come to my own defense
there was a meeting once
my heart was late as usual
at picking up on nuances after engaged
it can’t see the rejection until it hurts
leaves marks that builds walls and self-doubt
my mind remembers
sends down flairs of warning
distracted by the flames my heart mistook
it for burning
for passion
for love
for invitation to fall

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