Friday, April 12, 2013

12/30 Flight 69

The TSA likes to touch me
The TSA likes to touch me in special places
The TSA likes to touch me like a lover, do you love me
The TSA likes feel my hair, feels my hair, thinks I'm hiding stuff up there, thinks me missle launch
The TSA likes reminds me that I can opt out and yet
The TSA likes to remind me that I can’t opt out
The TSA likes my curves, my dangle, my moans of pleasure
The TSA likes my first date, second, third base
The TSA likes my moans, my call me later breathy
The TSA likes my lotion and my vibrator together, wants to know if we can get together
The TSA thinks we are going steady and well maybe
The TSA wants to have my babies and I wonder if
The TSA is part unicorn so we can make that shit happen so I can stop feeling cheap
The TSA and I will have babies that shit glitter
The TSA wants a pre-nup
The TSA is going to be disappointed
The TSA sees me coming applies lip gloss and lube knows how I like it firm and rough
The TSA thinks I'm her girlfriend
The TSA dressed up for me today sent me a proper lesbian when she pats me down she feels me up
The TSA is feeling me up and she is the right build and type and she gives me her number
The TSA will get a call tonight, and I hope she brings those attractive blue gloves