Tuesday, April 02, 2013

# 4 Cordwainer

# 4 Cordwainer

I never wanted quick fix in the moment
I wanted just sometimes
occasionally, every once in a while to know
that when you opened your mouth
anything resembling the truth would fall out
not the make believe
cheap wine induce
I’m going to make you believe this
version of happy bullshyt
you piled at my feet
and now look,
you have fucked up my shoes
yes you toyed with my emotions
a kid with new blocks
set me up and knocked me down proper
I’ll let you have the playtime
I should have known better than walk into your yard
damaged toys called ex littering the landscape
here a heart there a heart everywhere a heart, heart

but The shoes

you are paying for the fucking shoes
those innocent bystanders
minding their own business
forced to walk through all that bullshyt!
They deserved so much better.


Maya C. Houston (So-Lar) said...

Bless up!!! I love this piece! Thanks for sharing... I've been there...

Maya C. Houston (So-Lar) said...
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Cindy Lou Whoo said...

Thanks Maya!

Marykay Mentzer said...

Great visuals! I want more. ..pretty please?

Cindy Lou Whoo said...

Thanks MaryKay!!!