Wednesday, April 17, 2013

16/ 30 True Art

when you unsheathe your tongue
check the blade the prickle sharp
make sure the handle fits your grip
so the splitting and slicing brings
you the maximum amount of pleasure
choose scythe or sickle
rip razor or machete
the type of blade is important
you want your lacerations clearly defined
want to make sure it penetrates
the intersection of your lie and the liar you've become
you want to make sure that the nick nip notch
of your scandalous revisionist history
hits the targeted audience
when I turn my back
it’s not disrespect
it’s just me
unveiling canvas
arms splayed like on an easel
and when you stab
make sure you catch the groove in my spine
make it count
bury it to the hilt
make it steamy mental magic
make me monster
cum dripping off my tongue my chin
make me pornographic larger than life
the biggest dick in the yard
make sure you jiggle it some
get it really messy
stick in in deep
I want every single inch
and hold on tight

1 comment:

Marykay Mentzer said...

Good stuff...I need to process this one. I'm thinking I may have been at both ends of the paintbrush of this poem at one point or another in life. ..hmmm...