Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Caution Tape and Anchors 10/30

Their tongues don't frighten me 
I have known tongues that lie and linger 
tongues that flap and roll 
wave and wag 
some of those tongues 
only pretend to care 
as they lick the salt 
from my skin

I have no patience for mundane 
it is not my style 
I love the flash and sink 
lift anchor and sail away rough waters 
things or ideas and sometimes people 
fail to move me to magic 
they are sometimes dismissed 
move along there is nothing to see here

These hips have known hands 
grab on hold tight 
enjoy the roll and wiggle 
navigate the waves
 it will make sense in the morning 
or it won't 

there is no fear here 
only tongues 
and moving magic 
and these hips 
come closer 
don't worry I don't bite 
unless you like that sort of thing

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