Monday, November 04, 2013

Truth Serum 5/30

The whiskey helps forget you for the moment
the color the same shade 
as that spot on your neck 
that place that begs for my kiss
teeth scrape skin
we cuddled in the dark 

the way the bottle fits in my hand 
is like the way you fit those times 
your orgasms wrap around my fingers
the crash of it explode on the walls

the way the liquid pours 
the taste of you on my lips 
the burn as I swallow 
the slow grind of release 
skin slicked with sweat and promises 
music blarring through the speakers
a fire burns in the hearth 

the whiskey helps forget you 
when it reminds me
reassembles your speech
more honest than your best honest
the coat hanging on the hook
pockets full of holes
watch me fall through
ignore the sound of me

I blame the moon 
the way it sits in the sky watching 
holding all the secrets within its glow 
how it sees what's coming and gives no warning

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