Tuesday, November 05, 2013

My Uncle Passed, We're Waking Him 6/30

There is a body on the porch.
There is a body on the porch all still and dead and death.
It is blocking the door facing the driveway. 
It is there fancy and obscene she wants to kiss me. 
It seems wrong. More wrong than the wrong we planned 
before I knew about the corpse. 

She is my boyfriends sister. She was sent away for bad behavior. 
I am sure it's the behavior we have been behaving since her return. 
Since her brother suggested I meet her become good friend. 
I met her and we are more than good friends. 
Our sleepovers serve us more than him. In the future
I will remember this as a sign of things to come. 
I am not worried. 
I want the kiss but right now  
I can't get coffins out of my mind.

She wants to kiss me. Her brother is down the hall.
There is a body on the porch. My body is a stop sign.
My sandpaper skin once soft covers itself in goose flesh.
Her hands read the braille of my body. 
Feels the, "No we can't! There is a body on the porch." 
She uses her hands, warms the cold in me. She kindles  
and persuades knows I can't resist, loves the idea of seducing
her brother's virgin girlfriend again and again.
And again.

She assures me that her uncle on the porch is all still
and dead and death. 
"He won't mind." She coos and caresses.
Her hand slid up and down my parted thighs.
"I have a plan."
Her warm mouth on my budding breast.
Her fingers hide themselves in my wet.
Distracted I forget about the body on the porch
because her body makes full contact with mine.
I open for her.
She tastes everything.
We do more thaan we've ever done before.
I am an exposed wire shocked by my boldness.
I taste a girl for the very first time and I am alive. 

I come to terms with the fact that the wake is not until tomorrow.
Tonight, I will learn her body and no matter how hard  
or loud the orgasms come we won't wake her uncle.
He's on the porch.
He's all the way over there.

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