Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Show 13/30

sometimes  it's in the revealing 
the removing of layers 
the hold
the clutch 
the step away 
the remembering where 
you were supposed to land 
despite where you ended up 
it's the love that washed over you
left you heaving in the aftermath 
set you ablaze 
left you finding what was  left in your ashes 
sometimes it's no more 
than the no more 
than the trust you let escape from your heart
only to find that you stepped 
where there was no footing 
loved one sided 

that is just the was it is  

all hope and forgiveness 
teeth bared as you give birth to disappointment 
sometimes there is only disappointment 
only "what if's" and "maybe"
shake yourself off 

try again 

love can happen again can't it? 
what if?

then there are the times 
when you over think yourself 
push yourself off course 
find comfort in lonely and suitcases 
in frequent flyer miles and the next destination 

sometimes there is a mosh pit 
resting just beneath your skin 
waiting for the band to crank it up a notch 
waiting for your faith to find its rhythm 
waiting to love 
because you like the way it makes your 
dusky skin glow and sing 
makes you feel all hallelujah 
and underground railroad 

then you reveal the only way you can 
look her right in the eyes 
hope for hopeful
bare your bruises 
bandage yourself back to the love you have always been 
and though the last one may not have noticed 
the next one might just surprise you 
show you what you've always known 
the removing of layers 
sometimes it's in the revealing

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