Monday, November 11, 2013

Maybe 8/30

maybe it was the only thing we ever wanted
maybe we moved too fast used poor judgment
fell into something we were not ready for
maybe it was the right thing at the right time
your voice in my ear
the way we layered
hung on every word
the way I made you laugh from a genuine place
the way that frightened you so we had a fight
that made no sense and ended with us rocked by love again
sweat and lust and your eyes
maybe it was the way we talked after your first time with me in daylight
exposed to God and all of her angels
maybe we were so right for each other
that we shook our own foundations
placed our own minefields just below our surface
blew ourselves apart
rather than fall in the love we looked like

maybe it was the one thing we wanted from each other
to love elastic
stretch ourselves around the terrain of our curves
hold on for dear life
look us directly in the eyes
kiss us on the mouth
enjoy the happy we were becoming

maybe I’m not afraid anymore

maybe I’m hoping you are not afraid anymore

maybe one day
dressed in our worthy
our confidence
our switchblade smiles
our never been happy like that
we will find each other
it will be the only thing we ever wanted

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