Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On Being Dipped Into Water 12/30

my Achilles heel 
has a head full of flames 
skin warm to the touch two big eye 
that see everything except what is right in front of them
a nose that breathes in rejection 
exhales misnomers wrapped in false hopes
a mouth so full of lies they believe they are the truth 
a chin that juts and struts 
peahen to my cocky 
shoulder with so many chips on them 
the foundation is doomed to collapse 
arms that stretch albatross 
wing span that squeeze so tight 
you wake from sleep choking on past mistakes 
a heart that beats on "what ifs"
and if the beat turn "what if not"
no blood will flow to the lips  
I tried to kiss back to life with my own
it has a back that can hold the weight of me 
as we gymnastics our passion 
on every wall and the ceiling 
but turns willow when forced to accept 
certain realities 
two legs that open for me 
accepting the prosthetics of me as truth 
wrapped around my waist
hips bucking for my attention 
and two feet
that walk in opposite directions
following a future 
that can never be seen
with her two unfocused eyes 
unaware that she will never get there 
wearing those shoes

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