Saturday, November 23, 2013

Found Poem #1 - 37 Cliches 14/30

if actions speak louder than words 
and absence makes the heart grow fonder 
why do you add insult to injury 
by going against the grain? 

placing age before beauty 
like you are ahead of the game 
you stand all stage and glory 
your audience all ears 
while you air dirty linen 
become the albatross around your own neck 
treating it like it's all in a days work 
like it's all over but the shouting 
gotta make that almighty dollar 
you are more than all  work and no play 
because your apple didn't fall far from the tree 
and you never asked to be the apple of my eye 

so you came armed to the teeth 
demanding that I ante up 
and though I know you are not all things to all men 
you you are all things to me 

I'm at sixes and sevens with you 
at first blush and arms length with you 
your head as hard as nails 
us at each other's throats 
at loose ends 
losing our shit at the drop of  hat 
like we have found ourselves in the arms of Morpheus 
loving at a snail's pace 

I'm just an average Joe 
wearing I love you like tattoos 
while this emotion you avoid like the plague 
I have no ax to grind 
I'd just like to be taken at face value 
instead you mistake my artsy-craftsy ways 
for being asleep at the switch 

I am at my wit's end 
I know that not all roads lead to Rome 
maybe one day 
you'll find that as the crow flies 
I am and have always been
your ace in the hole

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