Saturday, April 19, 2014

15/30 False Hoods

she never says what she means 
always eager to please 
even when she doesn't want to 
even though she knows
the person being pleased 
does not care 
and neither does she 

but she takes the rejection in
calls it something else 
calls it challenge
regrets the attempt 
even as she attempts again 
she sees the broken logic 
as a way to be engaged 
in any 
wants to be a treaty line 
wants everyone to pretend 
they want to be here 
like she is pretending 
she wants to be here 
fireworks of mad shoot off in her brain 
her heart has lost its keys 
no music lives in her body 
as she veneers herself stuck 
rooted to a spot 
she never wanted to be in 

she never means what she says 
knows that if she unleashes 
the flame of her tongue 
she may burn the bridges 
that lead her to what she believes 
could be home 

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