Tuesday, April 01, 2014


That year I forgot the sound of my name 
could barely make out the shape of it 
curves once smooth turned sharp 
found myself repeating old habits 
falling back into familiar like so many second thoughts 
holding myself to my ears 
hearing the ocean 
longing for home 
that name I forgot a siren song lulling me 
into crash and sink 
it began that name with tongue pressed to teeth. 

That same year I became somebody's wife, 
somebody else's mother
didn't recognize either of them 
strangers teeming beneath my skin 
impostors in the mirror wearing my eyes
complacent in my undertow 
shredding what was left of the remnants 
and still I answered ever time I heard that name. 
That thunder clap and banshee scream 
that who I used to be 
before I forgot her name.

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