Saturday, April 19, 2014

16/30 In the Kitchen

it started as a giggle 
turned into gale force hilarity 
tears streaming from squinted eyes 
hands on hip and belly 
barely catching a breath 
which is only more funny 
the neighbors are offended 
how dare you be happy 
in this April snow storm 
this life of rug pulled from beneath feet 
arms pinwheeling themselves 
an effort to stay upright 
how dare you find joy 
when fucked up is happening all around you 
did you see the news 
don't you understand the seriousness 
don't you get how 
this is nothing to be laughed at 
who can fight back with weaken willow legs 
softened by frivolity 
if you are talking to the living
in real time face to face
how you gonna like there statuses
do you hear anyone else having fun

if I ever lost my ability to find joy 
in the mist of fuckery 
I'd be unhappy 
and the body count would be high so 
let me enjoy my laughter 
my habit of being in the company of pulses
you enjoy you complaints and pessimism 
I'd rather weep with joy in a room full of friends
than wallow in whatever you are wallowing in 
I'm ok not being welcomed to your pity party
but you are always welcomed to laugh with the living
find happy in the beat of hearts
and belly laughs so real
they sound like love

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