Saturday, April 12, 2014

13/30 Shit I Been Through, In No Particular Order #1

straight A truancy 
French honor
graduation early 
gives thanks for not having
to return after thanksgiving 
first job hunt
in mainstream America 
fills out application
naive newcomer changing the world
my observation skills  
always aware of surroundings
arc du triomphe, le tour Eiffel 
tri-color everywhere

honor student
conducts interview in French

new comer excited
cosmopolitan meets urban
newcomer unfamiliar with racism here


Neiman Marcus secret
underground plantation style
17 years old 14 dollars an hour
only black faces busing tables 
or slinging sweet tea cocktails

newcomer mistake
mistook the south for southern France
cosmopolitan forces urban
employs me 
black face hostess
southern bells offended
refuse menus 
just place them on the table
refuses pens to sign their checks
just place it on the table
refusing to place money in my hands
they just place it on the table

staff pissed and enjoying masters return
black bartender watching seeing my future
training two weeks 
halts two days in 
you closing tonight 
you never showed me closing


no instructions given 
no keys to lock doors
bartender steps in shows me how
locks cash in safe
locks doors checks twice
next morning unscheduled 
still there before the sun
waits for explanation
accused of theft
calls for supervisor
safe open cash in hand
hands over
fire at will
I will fire back

transferred new department

shipping and receiving 
refusing pay reduction
8 dollar difference
you looking at my paycheck?
causes a problem
calls supervisor

transferred again

tis the season wrapping gaudy
overpriced ugly
they commission
me refusing pay reduction
tips for ostentatious meets tacky
up to two hundred every shift
you looking at my paycheck?
causes a problem
calls supervisor

cosmopolitan stretched 
thinner than our first meeting

bank account healthy
refuses transfer
takes money and runs
first job
ready for more

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