Monday, April 07, 2014

3/30 Wall Reflection

steam obscuring sight 
a smile perched beneath a nose 
running with regret 
faltering resolve 
eyes roaming 
looking for a future it can not see clearly 
hands move to wipe away condensation 
a wet that will not dry 
tears march down skin 
soggy sadness leaving salty streaks 
the flavor of hopeful 
body trembling as unsteady hands 
comb through anxious hair 
then rest on a belly 
rented out to butterflies 

she didn't know the need 
for acceptance 
compassionate smiles 
from friends turned strangers
had no idea it could make her heart so heavy
her pockets full of second chances 
breathing in the steam 
exhaling expectation 
adjusting her smile 
smoothing the wrinkles in her confidence 
releasing her reflection in the mirror 
to face her demons

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