Tuesday, April 08, 2014

8/30 Anti Social Media

I grew up in a time where there was no internet
where social interaction meant
you were socially active
speaking one unto another
knowing the shape of another’s face
their speech
when on-line was outside
mud cakes and kick the can
where neighborhood meant
you knew the people living near you
when block parties
were keystone
a place to foster community
when the village raised the child
called out bad behavior
and the neighborhood was family
when social meant interaction
and media was the news
these days the news is how you feel
and whether I like that
where is the dislike button?
it doesn't exist because
these days if you don’t like something
then you are shaming it
making it less than
the fact that we don’t know each other
in this new land where everybody knows
each other it’s an interesting thing
when the people you thought you knew
become veiled in a book of faces
chirp like birds
and no one knows even remembers
when they did
they knew one another
face to face
once upon a time

we have become our own fairy tales
stories read
some believed
others discarded
truncated text the way of life
we are laughing out loud
to everything and nothing
I do miss facing my true friends
knowing they knew me
only to find out that these days
they find comfort in

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