Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Navigation 2/30

getting arrested at fourteen 
was not my best look 

the girl with brass knuckles 
didn't have my best interest in heart 

she wanted me oblivion 
while I was determined 
not to be punched in the face 

our opinions differed 
but my motive was always clear 
defend yourself 

you are all you have 

and just for the record 

had I known at the time 
I was fighting about a boy 
things may have gone differently 

but in the bathroom 
handling the things 
you handle in a bathroom 

but when
some girl with anger 
a color never seen 
behind her eyes 
rushes you in a bathroom stall 
all sudden like 

you channel your inner ninja 

you balance beam toilet seats 
make your hands an anchor 
run aground in hair 
navigate the cannon blast away 
always away 

and when you find yourself moored 
upon the shoulders of a girl 

who wanted to sail her knuckles 
covered in shiny 
into your face 

you find comfort in the waves 
lashing your back 
be it ocean 
or commode 

and when the officer demands 
you let her up 
you launch yourself 
into his arms 

while the porcelain mermaid girl 
declares the scattered rings of brass are yours 
between sputters 

you might find yourself arrested 

mother worried 
Atlanta children missing 
your bed empty 
while feet pace floors 

you could find yourself 
in seventy two hours 
facing the only person 
you ever shared a body with 
holding a one way ticket in her hand 
a suitcase holding what's left of you 
stowed in a trunk 

you may find yourself riding a dog 
back to the one man 
you could never respect 

getting arrested 
at fourteen 

changes everything 


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