Sunday, July 17, 2005

Blogging in the Buff

I am blogging in the nude.
It's very liberating I feel a sense of freedom that I don't feel when I blog with clothes on.
I feel like if I want type an x for no apparent reason I can just type an x. Watch x.
Now that's freedom.
I did poetry in Little 5 yesterday.
What an interesting thing. I am not a PG poet and I think folks realized that.
Some happily so, some surprisingly so, those who were surprised also left.
There were several people with picture phones taking my picture, makes me nervous. Especially the one who snapped me calling Bush an Asshole.
Oh well, If I go down for my poetry, I'll go down calling that egomaniac, self-absorbed, world dominator wanna be, fucked-up, liar, cheat who needs to go out on a man date ( get it mandate, man date, like a date with a man...get it). I'll go down for calling him the asshole that he is.

It looks like one of my boobs is slightly higher than the other?
I'll fix it by moving the lap top.
Okay, feeling weird now blogging in the nude,
going to put my clothes on now.
See you!

Alex thanks so much for helping out yesterday!!!


4knowledge said...

Girl this blog is hillarious..

Blooging in the nude..

now i gotta get this picture outta my

and i hope the breast has aligned back in its rightful place.


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Collin said...

Lawd...I got a mental image I just can't shake now. :) Hope you got that titty thing worked out.

4knowledge said...

amen colin, im with

Nate said...

Thanks for giving me a good chuckle as I wrap up my day at the office. If only I could blog nude while at work. Well...nevermind, not a good idea. Keep the funny coming. -NtH