Saturday, July 09, 2005

I forgot?

I forgot to post to tell you if I remembered what I forgot.
I didn't.
I have a lot to do and not really sure how to do it.
Such is life I suppose.
I can not wait to go to New Mexico!
I am so sure that a change of scenery will lighten my mood, I am just giddy with the thought.
Some of you are wondering what a giddy Theresa looks like.
I don't know but I'm sure it's scary!
I saw The Fantastic Four today. Very well done, they tried very hard to stick to the comic and strayed very slightly but all in all, a good job! Thought about sneaking into another movie but that's more fun when you are with someone, sneaking by yourself is unfulfilling cause there's nobody to say" remember when we snuck into like five movies that day!" to,
I mean you could in theory have that conversation with yourself, but if you have it aloud you may insure that you forever go to the movies by yourself! I don't want that for me so I declined sneaking into another movie! I am rebeading my hair. This is the act of replacing or reinserting beads that flew off in the last few months. I may have gone to far as my head is very heavy, very pretty, but very heavy. I never would have thought that I would be into my hair like this. It's not like I look for my reflection in every shiny surface I see, but I really get into decorating it and it makes me feel good when people who know the real me ( not the scary, intimidating, aloof made up me) say "that's new!" I love it when people are aware and observant, it's sexy!
I may however, need a neck brace to accent my artsy hair in the future!

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