Saturday, July 23, 2005

Saute Nacooche

What a week! I traveled to Saute Nacooche.
Not as sexual as it sounds, but it was very fun.
I had several revelations the main one being I have no DAR whatsoever!
I can't tell gay from straight, young from old enough, luckily I can tell boy from girl, but lately that seems about it.

The performance was at a center in Saute Nacooche, I just like typing those words and saying them. They sounds so dirty!!! Say it three times fast. It will make you smile, I promise!

Picture this......... me in WHITE county,
performing in front of about 100 or so WHITE people,
when in the middle of my very political set I realized I am probably standing in BUSH hell!
But I knew my friend Lisa had my back. I made what I hope are a lot of new friends there.

All was well, although, the video dude was so enraged by my performance that he went off on the organizer and said a little something like this," What the fuck is she going on about! You call this Art, you call this Poetry! This is bullshit and she is full of shit!" It made my heart swell with pride! My Daddy would have been proud!!!
They put me up in this beautiful bed and breakfast which could have been so much nicer with a Friend.
Know what I mean?
They want me to come back in October, any takers?
Guess who is on the first page of Labrys?
I don't know who she is but she is fine!!!!

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Collin said...

ooohhh...causing a commotion up in the mountains. Let me come up there with you and whip some baby blue shag carpet on 'em. :)

That is one sexy biatch in Labrys, too.