Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hot as hell !!!

I think I am dehydrated.
Not to the point of falling out but enough to make my head foggy.
I often forget to drink water. I must fix that. I always have water in the car.
Right now I have about 5 bottles most half full. I have got to do so much better.

You know how you meet people and you tell them what's going on,
what you're doing,
and they tell you they're going to come and see you?
But basically, they are lying to you, as they are not interested and have no intention to...Whoa big time digression, sorry.
Well, I had a conversation with someone last Friday
in between being confronted by someone who thought
I was competition and accosted by someone else who tried to eat my face
(people should ask before they try to check if you still have tonsils).
In the midst of all that madness and there was more madness that I can't even get into, needless to say if I had actually wanted that much attention,
it most certainly would not have happened,
I had a conversation with someone about what I was doing.
She said she was going to come and come she did!
Not like that, boy I tell you some folks just keep their minds dirty on purpose.

The reading at Outwrite was great.
I was so nervous.
Headgames was a big hit believe it or not I am not the only one who has had to deal with that. Go figure. A lot of people came to support me.
SOVO was out interviewing people about gender roles.
I don't get why people are so focused and distracted by this.
I thought long ago when women braved to get the fuck out of the kitchen and men got in touch with their inner woman, we learned that your gender is just that, it doesn't predetermine you for any role in this jacked world.
People are people.
They live their lives and just because some people aren't afraid to be the person they want to be, those who are get to ask these kinds of questions so that they can judge.
I mean because you are male and church going, wearing your suit and tie, singing your soul out for Jesus, because you do these things does this make you a good man or father?
Or, is it possible for you to be a deadbeat dad, hypocrite, asshole?
And If you were a woman who did the same thing,
Guess What?
You Would Still Be An Asshole!
So it isn't gender we should be fearing or judging...

I am blogging in the nude again,
sitting directly under a fan,
watching Constantine (which is pretty good) and sweating like fiend.
I don't want to move from this spot as uncomfortable as it is.
I have so much shit that needs to,
the phone is ringing...goddammit that means I've got to move, hold on.

It was Sautee Nacooche,
say it three times fast, it will make you smile.
They want me to come back on October 15th!
Yeah!!! Of course I have to check dates but it sounds right.
Very cool.
I have to put on clothes now walk out to my car and get my planner so I can be doing something and feeling productive. When all I really want to do is go to an air conditioned movie theater and eat nachos.
Resist the urge to slack off.....
Resist the urge to slack off..........
I wonder when Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starts..........mmmmmmm canned cheese;-)

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Collin said...

You totally rocked last night, sista friend. Hats (and pants) off to ya! :)

Do we need to take up a collection buy you an AC? I say slack off...go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's fab. I know, I know...I'm a bad influence.