Sunday, July 31, 2005

House of Poets

Great week!
My sister got married yesterday, despite me reminding her how evil that institution is.
It's like prison with sexual privileges.
She doesn't believe me, she believes she's found her soul mate.
She might be right lord knows they have been through enough.
I had to leave before the drink kicked in.
My daughter called me saying, " Mom, I think your sister's traumatizing me. She's......she's....Well, I think she's (whispering) drunk."
I said." Is she in the same room that you're in? "
"Can everybody else in the room see her?"
"Then why are you whispering?"
"Cause' if she hears my voice she going to start hugging me and telling me how beautiful I am."
"That traumatizes you?"
"Get over it dude you are beautiful. Don't let her hit her head if she passes out, that would not make for a nice Wedding night, and is likely to really traumatize you."

Dawn Axam-Hocker is incredible!! Last night was a sneak preview of a show she has coming up on August 19, 20, &21. Two of my poems are being performed by dancers!
Very exciting!!!!!
Warning Signs, will be performed by 5 dancers and performed in August.
Thief a new piece written for cancer survivors was rehearsed with a woman, last night she became ill and a new dancer and I were introduced.
His name is Jule, he's beautiful.
We had a whole ten minutes for me to run the poem twice and he get a feel on how he could improv it. He danced behind me, thank god for I have some attention issues, so I couldn't see him. But the response of the audience was great. My buddy Stacie videotaped it and it looks so good.
So needless to say those of you who know me it took till 3 or 4 am for me to calm down.

I am featuring at House of Poets August 1, 2005 @ 8pm!!!

House of Poets takes place at The Red Light Cafe on Amsterdam.
I just found out so I have not had time to advertise. Please, Please, Please if you can come out and support HOP (House of Poets) and me tomorrow!!!
Pretty please with sugar on top!
I'll be your Friend.
Your special friend!
Yes, I will consider putting out if you come to my show??????
There are however stipulations...

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Collin said...

You rocked House of Poets!!! Loved hearing your "b-sides" esp. the rock star poem. Don't forget to add ankle bracelets and Martha Stewart. :)