Tuesday, July 19, 2005

With Every Beat of My Heart!

28,000 pace makers recalled?
28,000 pacemakers recalled?
Models between 1997 and 2000!
How the fuck do you check your model number?
They are offering free replacements.
I beg to differ there is no way that could be free.
Okay they may Lego there way into giving you a pacemaker that will actually work,
they may even be able to hire a Mc Surgeon to put the goddamn thing in,
but this will not be free.
How many people wake up and say to themselves,
" It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, but it's a little hot. I think I'll check myself into a well air conditioned hospital and while I'm there I think I'll get a pacemaker."
No body does that shit!
You can best believe the majority of those people were sick as shit
when they HAD to have it done!
Everytime you open your body up you risk something, the risk makes this shit absofuckinglutely
(since this is not a word it matters not that I spelled it wrong) not free
Free, this country fucks with my head daily,
reminder buy more mental condoms!

28,000, not 50, not 5,000, but 28,000!
I wonder if Bush would fire anyone who had anything to do with this,
has he fired the one who had to do with that other thing?????????????

I want to see the article titled,
that would make me happy!

Completely unrelated, Is anybody else extremely horny, or is it just me. Cause it could be just me, I was just askin'?


M. Ru Pere said...

ok, Miss Potty Mouth, I counted 4 "fucks", 3 "shits" and 1 "goddam" in that short entertaining post. What happened to the 12 step no swearing program? ;)

Cindy Lou Whoo said...

Everytime Iwatch the news or read the paper, the profanity seems to flow. Just when I thought I was in recovery!!!!

Collin said...

Lapsed already. :) If I couldn't swear I'd rarely speak. Embrace your inner potty mouth. lol