Monday, July 25, 2005

Rock Star

So......It seems I shall have to reconsider my staunch opposition to exercise.
My baby keg,
I call her Honey,
is out of control and trying to come between me and my feel good pants.
Can't have that.
I prefer exercise of a more close, horizontal, sweating, touchy, feely, tasting kind of way.
Since that shits not happening anytime soon, I may have to go back to my regiments of the long ago days when I was cheering and doing the pageant's.
I was really trying not to go back their,
the flashbacks are awful,
the pyramids and constant clapping,
the smearing of Vaseline on teeth to make a smooth smile,
pivot, wave, turn.
I think I see therapy on my horizon.
That is unless we( me and Honey, that is) find an eager participant to reignite my preferred form of exercise.
I'm not giving up on my mission,
o look good in the feel good pants and find a real exercise partner,
but in the mean time Honey will not be happy with the sit-ups and lite beer,
and neither am I!

Java Monkey was so good last night.
The host, Kodac, always breaks the list down in to gender.
Last night two gender-jammers were there.
Fucked up the method to the madness of Java demographics.
All I could think was Collin would love this!
The gender benders only eluded to their true gender and I believe Kodac loved it!
I have never seen him smile so much!
Turner and Bear Rock my world!

I wrote a new piece called Interview for the Position of Rock Star Poet.
I know the title is long as hell I'll work on it.
I like the piece it makes me laugh.
But we Gemini's have this belief that we have an excellent sense of humor,
and we do,
it's just that occasionally we find that particularly humorous thing,
that oddly is only funny to us.
Go figure.
So I thought that this might be one of my Gemini moments.
I tried it out and wasn't completely happy with my delivery.
I got my buddy Melissa to direct me in the performing of it.
Felt kinda a little stupid in the big theater on the stage reciting a poem that has the word spam in it, it was kinda hard to stay focused,
but I did it.
Her help made all the difference, she has been deemed the Director of Poetry!
I really liked the piece and it was very well received.
Fun, Fun, Fun, you folks need to come to some of these events!!!!
You are truely missing all the goddamn fun!
All work and no play.....You know!


Collin said...

Well, damn, I always miss the fun stuff. :) See you at Outwrite on July 26 for your big reading!

Nurse Ratched said...

I'm a blogger now. It's all your fault! There is a Turner and Bear at Charis this week. Could they be the same Turner and Bear at Java? I hope to make it to Java Sunday. For somebody who only works three days a week, it sure seems to take alot of my time. I hope you do the new piece Sunday. I am trying to picture you as a cheerleader. Not that you aren't cute enough, the personality just doesn't fit with the image.