Friday, July 01, 2005

I'm Not Really a Doctor..

I just play one on TV. So I am hormonally phucked up meaning I am all over the place.
Doc says I was supposed to be taking a multi vitamin this whole time...oooops.
I'm on it, should be regulated or regulating as we speeak, or as I type and you read.
I'm not good at routine things like taking a pill the same time every day. Plus it's boring, and predictable. But my Scary Spice impersonation minus the shoes, was starting to scare me.
I shall try to do it . Take the pills not be scary (unless you like that sort of thing).
The IRS refused my claim as an innocent spouse, I filled out the wrong form seems I'm an injured spouse which means I may be able to recoup some of my money taken to pay someone elses debt. Do not marry someone who is in bad with the IRS once they attach you ss# what's his becomes yours and they don't need a form to take you dollars, but you have to file a shit load of them to get it back. Going to read poetry at Barnes and Nobles w/ Collin and after going to go watch women boxing, just cause it seems like a good idea.

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