Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hypothetically Speaking

So, say you know this person who has been pretty damn patient. She filed all the proper paper work to reclaim her freedom. Then say the other party in this, this, hypothetical situation, drug the paper work out as long as it possibly could. Then say the pretty damn patient one, finally got the attorney of that other person to get off his hypothetical ass and take care of business, and things looked as if they were almost settled. Then hypothetically, say the attorney started dragging her ass, pissing the patient one off in ways that could be dangerous. My hypothetically speaking, my question is this, if the other party was I don't know hit by a bus and the attorney was hit by a bus while standing in a puddle of water that was simultaneously struck by lightning, do you think my paper work would go through faster?
Hypothetically speaking that is.


Collin said...

Hypothetically, we still need to get a posse of wranglers together for a good old fashioned ass beating. Hypothetically...of course.

Cindy Lou Whoo said...

i was doing so good today! i went all day without smoking, then i end up talking to that dick head and flame on!ahhhhhh