Monday, July 18, 2005

New Poem

I'm Not
c Theresa Davis 2005

Am I the salt in your tears?
The age in your years
The spark in your flame
The ache in your pain

The beginning of your end
The right you defend
The hope in your dream
I’m not at all what I seem

The voice in your ear
The root of your fear
The beat of your heart
The stop of your start

The in to your out
The scream in your shout
The blood in your veins
The dice in your game

The rhythm that moves your feet
The stare your eyes can’t meet
You don’t doubt me at all
Think I’ll catch you when you fall

I’m an enigma, a dream
Not at all what I seem
I’m the lie to what is true
Not the right girl for you

I’m not

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