Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Art of Pillow Positioning

my back is killing me!
It is very important that you position pillows properly to promote positive back comfort.
I did not do this last night and damn!
I guess I kinda over did it not realizing that I was doing it. But the end result is an achey Theresa. I refuse however to admit this to a certain Sally as she will use it to promote this fantasy she has about my condition that she is always right.
Lately she has been right but I cannot in good conscious allow her to know this.
I hate it when she's right!
I had a pretty good day yesterday aside from the back pain and Sally's right which is a pain in a different area.

I made several books, watched several movies and I just have to say this Brad Pitt made a wussy Achilles to me while Jamie Fox on the other hand played the hell out of Ray and better get an Oscar.

I also talked a lot on the phone to a new friend. All in all a pretty good day.
Well the only really horrible thing that happened and this is really awful and scary,
but I tried fat free cream cheese
and in addition to being one of the most nasty and frightening experiences of my life
I just want to know
What's the point of it?
What is the point of fat free cream cheese?
Fat free cream cheese goes against nature and is just wrong.
To take something so good and gross it out is evil.
But other than a ruined snack time adventure because of evil fat free cream cheese,
I had a pretty good day!

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