Sunday, February 13, 2005

On the Drugs Again

Well, It seems I didn't wean myself properly from the pain medication, which resulted in my bizarre sleep pattern. So I have to take the medication so that I can correct my sleeping patterns.
What kind of shit is that!
Take them to get off of them.
Well it worked and for the last two nights I have been able to go to sleep.
Except I stayed up till 4am watching movies Friday.

Guess what? I may have my first gig out of own in March! I am very excited and can't wait!

I have been having some serious poetry withdrawal happening.
Not pretty.
Not as bad as crack withdrawal.
But still, not pretty.
I have my check up this week and hope I can begin to resume my normal activities.
As I am going bonkers.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and here I am Valentineless.
Maybe next year.

Happy American Forced Romance Brainwashed Consumerism Day!

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