Monday, February 28, 2005


Okay I have finally recovered from the dreaded seminar for divorcing parents which is really all about common sense. Now I realize that everyone doesn't have common sense and with all the technology we have today there should be a test to figure that shit out. Have a class for those with sense and those without.
Anyhow this thing is supposed to be this positive thing and they start off by labeling.
What fun a labeled paid for by me. And I have a nifty certificate with my name vs the other name. Wouldn't that be a nice reminder for the kiddies, should I just hang it on the wall. It is the most insane thing I've enountered lately. Stamp a sheet of paper and mark it done don't give me a fucking plaque.

So, because I initiated the divorce I am the" leaver". So the other person the "leavee" may be in shock so it is my responsibility not to send mixed signals.
If the signals were not mixed in the first place,
ever stop to think that there may not be a divorce happening.

Dammit the world is dumb!!

I wrote a poem about my label as the Leaver. Like to hear it here it go!

The Leaver and The Leavee

The Leaver said she'd had enough
she simply couldn't, wouldn't stay
she simply couldn't stand to be here
not another goddamn day

The Leavee didn't have a clue
never took the time to see
that the lovely Leaver wasn't happy
well, not as happy as the Leavee

The Leaver often had dreams
some would call the, well nightmares
that the Leavee got hit by a bus
or fell down a flight of stairs

But the Leavee thought that things were great
and getting better all the time
but the Leaver felt the Leavee
was trying to make her lose her mind

So as time went on the Leaver
felt she'd surely go insane
if she didn't leave real soon
put an end to all the games

So the Leaver found the courage
yes, she really got the nerve
she sat the Leavee down and suggested
they consider the dreaded "d" word

The Leavee was excited
at the thought of a possible date
The Leaver said " You've ignored me for years,
a date now! Hell, it's too late."

The Leavee seemed shocked and surprised
that she would take this course
that she would even have the nerve to utter
the dreaded word divorce

But the Leaver didn't falter
The Leaver stood her ground
determined not to let the Leavee's
poor attitude get her down

The Leavee said it was indeed
all the Leavers fault
and if the Leaver actually left
then the leavers promise was surely false

The Leaver saw immediately
that the truth the leavee wouldn't tell
so the Leaver packed her shit
and told the Leavee to go to hell

Then the Leaver relocated
settled down finally at last
and if the Leavee leaves the Leaver alone
she won't have to kick Leavee's ass

Sista Seuss 2005

Don't steal my shit!

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