Friday, February 04, 2005


Thank God ( or Goodness if you prefer) It's Friday!!!!
One whole week of recovery done, a possible 5 more to go. I will surely have gone round the bend by then. Not feeling all that great today, icky and achey, and fevery and nausea. Fun, Fun, Fun.
I am going to have a Will Smith film festival today and will feature
Enemy of the State
Bad Boys
Bad Boys 2
Independence Day
I, Robot
That should be enough for today.
My son Zion is supposed to come see me today.
I miss him so much but I feel like crap so I won't be much fun.
I can't go and heckle at any superbowl parties this weekend! That sucks!
People look forward to my disruption of the game and this year they won't have it. I'll just have to pour it on extra next year! Go whatever teams made it into the superbowl!!!
As you can tell I am a real fan:-)

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