Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Skinny

If you lay down to long, laying becomes painful.
If you sit to long, sitting becomes painful.
If you fry chicken too long, it will burn.
If it burns too long , the grease will catch on fire.
If the grease is on fire too long, it could burn down your house.

The mystery of the missing coat has been solved.

Sally has it.
She is holding it hostage.
She is my best friend who has my best interest at heart who doesn't realize
I have another fucking coat.
So,I will stay home and be good because there is something I want to do on Monday.

Sally disagrees and I say what is the difference between me sitting my ass on my couch and me sitting on my ass in 7 Stages theater?
I'll tell you what the difference is

Doria Roberts is not in my living room sitting on my couch!
But she will be performing at 7 Stages on Monday and I'm sorry I have to be there.
It's only for a couple hours
and I'm not walking
and or performing,
I think it will be fine.
What do you think?

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