Thursday, February 24, 2005

Too Much

I am almost done with my recovery and you would think things would be glowing all around.
But I have come to learn that in this life if it is not one thing it is most definitely another.
Are we in a world full of predators?
Do we or have we created a society where predatory behavior has become the norm?
Does the government not want sex ed taught in schools so that the future predators of America continue to have victims?
How in the hell does a grown ass man find pleasure with children?
Why on earth would a school teacher have sex with a student in her car in the parking lot of a school with her fucking baby in the back seat?
What planet are we all living on?
Has it occurred to anyone else that this existence could be a cruel joke and we are all the butt of it?
What difference does it make if children give Valentine's to their classmates?
Why do religious groups want to make something as all inclusive as children sharing candy or cards with friends a question of sexuality?
They start with saying Sponge Bob is gay and end with saying that if a four year old boy exchanges a Valentine with another four year old boy he may be showing homosexual tendacies.
What the fuck does that mean?
I am convinced that these groups are the problem.
That they sit around pulling out the sickness in themselves an try their best to make it our reality.
I am a little more than pissed this Thursday.
Cause it's just too much!!!

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