Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Got My Fix

I was having serious poetry withdrawal so I joined my daughters and mother for a night of poetry at Java Monkey! It was nice, I was over excited to the point of drooling.
Sad, really. But fun.
I guess I pushed it a bit this weekend cause I am beat.
Last night I was in arts and crafts hell and realized it was after midnight.
Didn't get to sleep till after 2.
I finished HeadGames my new chapbook!
I am very proud of myself.
After the final edit, it can be yours for 10 bucks!
Yes, I take checks.

This week I have to take a seminar for divorcing parents.
It bugs me that I have to pay 30 bucks for someone to remind me that I am getting a divorce and I have children.
Hell, I know I have children they eat over 250 dollar in groceries a month.
The Mt. Everest of laundry I constantly have climb,
the water bill, electric bill, phone bill and gas bill yes I know I have children.
But in Dekalb county you can't get a divorce until you take this class.
It's a scam one more thing to delay your escape from hell!

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